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Let me express my gratitude for your interest in my real estate bio/journey:

The pivotal event involving a Realtor/Broker detailed in the following narrative played a significant role in shaping my future interactions with others. It instilled in me a commitment to never withhold assistance from those navigating circumstances similar to my beginnings.

I am best known to my friends as “Big” Henry, and I would like to believe this moniker is due to my importance and not otherwise;). Actually, the adoption of the “Big” nickname is a tribute to my father, who succumbed to Multiple Myeloma (Bone Cancer), in the year 2000.

My guiding principle extends beyond mere networking and connections; it emphasizes the paramount importance of cultivating relationships.

Brief Background:
I hail from the challenging streets of southeast San Antonio, Texas, where my resolve to secure a stable future for my family was sparked by the unfortunate layoffs of my father and uncle in 1996. This led me to embark on a journey to master the intricacies of real estate, likening it to learning of how to fish.


My education unfolded at the “University of Hard Knocks,” culminating in a self-awarded “Master’s Degree” in Real Estate. Despite financial constraints, unemployment, and a lack of credit, I invested my last $35 in an infomercial real estate package by William J. McCorkle. Although regrettable given his subsequent legal issues, the information therein proved valuable, offering a golden nugget that became my inaugural lesson in real estate—uncovering foreclosures.

During my studies, I encountered David Popkins, a successful Realtor/Broker with REMAX in San Antonio. Over three months, I observed and absorbed his expertise, gleaning insights into calls, negotiations, and daily activities. On the final day, summoning courage, I expressed my ambition to purchase houses with minimal to no upfront costs and cash back at closing. David and his associate’s laughter, coupled with dismissive reactions from family and friends, fueled a determination to prove them wrong.

Undeterred, I implemented my newfound knowledge, venturing to the courthouse and tax office to initiate real-world applications. Post knocking on fifty doors and despite facing rejection and even threats, my persistence paid off when a distressed homeowner responded to a letter I left on their door. After two months of successfully postponing the foreclosure sale on his property, I used my telephone skills to negotiate with the VA department secretaries to buy me enough time to borrow hard private money from a wonderful lawyer and doctor. They were more than generous by offering me a loan of $35,000 at 18% interest & three points for the property. Their criterion was 60% LTV of the county tax appraisal. I purchased the property for $23,000 and received $6,500 back at closing.

This marked the beginning of my real estate journey, overcoming challenges and leveraging my ability to read people and employ creative financing techniques. Despite initial setbacks, I went on to acquire the first ten properties with little to no money down, cashback at closing, and no job, credit, home, or car.

I used my knack for reading people and negotiating by also using creative financing techniques to close these difficult deals. I have experienced buy & holds, short-sales, wholesales, fix & flips, and have been a party to many successful transactions in real estate.

My story in real estate is ongoing, a testament to my commitment to creating opportunities, guided by faith, and refusing to succumb to circumstances. Embracing failure as a teacher, my resilience and determination remain the pillars of my strength.

This is just a glimpse into my real estate experience, a journey that continues to unfold.

“Big” Henry,
Your Real Estate Ally